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Our students' transformations

Student Transformations

Classes we offer

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing is a total body workout that incorporates innovative ways to achieve your fitness goals. Tired of the hassle, intimidation and boredom of ordinary gym equipment and typical Kickboxing classes? This class would be the perfect fit for you. Both men and women can strengthen, tone, and reduce fat in a fast paced, high intensity class. Our classes incorporate Boot Camp, Weight Training, High Intensity Interval Training, and much more!

Cardio Kickboxing

Juniors Martial Arts

(For ages 5 - 13)

Our Juniors Martial Arts program allows children to stay active, mentally and physically, especially during this age of technology. It teaches students self-defense, bully avoidance skills, discipline, concentration/focus, developing a positive attitude and much more. Most importantly, the program is diverse, fun and exciting making it an enjoyable learning experience. Our Junior Martial Arts program offers classes in Taekwondo, Muay Thai/Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Juniors Martial Arts

Little Pandas Program

(For ages 4–5)

Our Little Pandas Program teaches children basic hand techniques (punching and blocking) as well as basic kicks at a comfortable pace. Some of the benefits of this program include helping children focus, develop balance, coordination, motor skills, and agility. They also have the ability to interact and socialize with other children in a fun, energetic, and disciplined environment.

Little Pandas Program

Adult Martial Arts

MMA is a combative sport in which striking and grappling techniques are incorporated while standing, in close quarters, and while on the ground. MMA combines two or more styles of Martial Arts allowing individuals to create the perfect skill. Our all inclusive academy offers Muay Thai/Boxing, Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Adult Martial Arts


1 on 1 training involves a personalized program with complete attention to your specific needs. Training plans are suited to your individual goals such as self defense, weight loss, strength training, building stamina and endurance, etc. Regardless of your expertise level, each drill is thoroughly explained and each movement is demonstrated in order to maximize the results.

Personal Training

Our Schedule

Our Schedule

Last updated October 2023

Take our students' Word

From our Ozone Park location


Eleanor Taravella

5 years with Training Zone

Before joining Training Zone I was working out with a personal trainer. I had hit a plateau and couldn’t seem to reach my fitness goal. I became very frustrated and thought that that was it for me. Then I joined Training Zone and it was like no other workout I had ever tried. I am pushed and challenged every time. Every night is a new and exciting workout. I began to see my body transforming and changing. I was finally getting the results I wanted!

I am 46 years old, a mom of 2 and I look better than most 20 year olds!!!

The best part about Training Zone is that you’re not just another person who joined, they nurture and care about each and every person who walks through their door. I tell everyone who’s interested in getting healthy and fit that this is the #1 place to get the results you want. I AM WALKING PROOF!!!!


Vanessa Rodriguez

2 years with Training Zone

My son prior to joining Training Zone was 5 years old. He has always been very curious, creative, super active and unfocused little guy. I was looking for something fun and close to home for him to participate in.

I then called up Training Zone for a trial class within 30 mins from the call he was already on the mat learning. I was very impressed with the cleanliness and most importantly the staff. Mr. Manny who is the guru of martial art is doing what he loves and that shines right through to how he teaches and works with the kids. I knew from that first class I had found the right place for my son.

I was hoping for him to gain confidence, discipline and a love for the art. He has gain that and more... he’s a part of a great group of children. He’s developing great social skills as well because of the diversity and different age groups. Every time he learns his form and he moves up in belt ranking he feels accomplished and proud of himself!

I am so glad I choose Training Zone. Mr. Manny is very stern when teaching as well as playful when the time is right. This is not just a place of business. I feel super comfortable and look forward to spending time there. Amongst the parents we have built a friendship which spills outside of the gym as well. All in all I don’t see how anyone who walks in for a free Trial would not sign their kids up for classes. You feel the love instantly!


Junior Llenas

2 years with Training Zone

I have always trained but never was able to find a school that I can call home. Before Training Zone I went from school to school not happy letting years lap in between my training.

One day I was driving by and saw Training Zone, I decided to walk in. As soon as I went in I knew this would be a place I can call home the place was spot less and when I met Mr. Manny he was super knowledgeable in martial arts, that was a big plus for me.

If you are looking for a Martial Arts school and you want to be treated like family and not like a number you have come to the right place, here at training zone we are all family.


Nick Lora

1 year with Training Zone, 7 year old daughter

As parents we are very selective as to what we expose our children to. 5 minutes after talking to Mr.Manny and seeing his work ethic and dedication we knew this was the right institution for our daughter Hailee.

With the help of Training Zone, we have seen such an evolutionary progression in our daughters work ethic, focus, confidence and determination that we are eternally grateful.

She went from being the shy kid in the back to sitting at the front of the class and teaching new techniques. Thank you Mr. Manny for being the great teacher, mentor and inspiration that you are. And of course thank you to Sabrina who manages the daily operations and looks after our children as if they were her own.


Lynda Valenzuela

4 years with Training Zone

My early stages of fitness varied before TZ. There was a mass assortment of ways that I tried to approach the thought of exercise and it was all sporadic. Results were not instant when I joined TZ, however my level of enthusiasm had grown. An understanding of what worked for me and what didnt.

I learned my strengths and weaknesses and at first would shy away from what I couldn't do. With time it grew from 0 to 10 to 15 and ultimately 30 reps. I learned that endurance was better than it had been and that with a positive attitude and confidence building it got easier.

TZ beyond the exercise gives you the push that cannot be accomplished solo at a gym if u dont have that natural drive. My goals have been reached as far as weight loss since I first joined and new goals arise with time..changing up for heavier weights.. longer and stronger sets. Motivating my partner is important and even performance, when it comes to perfecting a move slowly rather that trying to pound out as many moves as I can.

When anyone asks what I've done.. I explain. I admit that it is not easy at all but they should join me and see for themselves.

Let's help achieve your goals

About Training Zone

Training Zone

Training Zone NYC's first location in Ozone Park, Queens is one of the most diverse and quality Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness schools in the area. With over 200 students, Training Zone provides students with the most efficient and beneficial tools and skills needed to accomplish their fitness goals and training aspirations. Self-defense, confidence, mental and physical fitness, weight loss, core strengthening and much more can be accomplished through our curriculum. We are extremely excited to join to the NYC area and provide the community with an unparalleled and enjoyable experience.

The founder and head instructor, Manny

Manny Hussain is the founder and head instructor of Training Zone. Manny has devoted his time and energy to creating an academy that provides quality, instructional martial arts and fitness classes. Manny's passion for fitness started in 1987 when he first began body building. His devotion and passion for health and fitness is evident in his lifestyle and in his teaching.

Manny started Taekwondo in 2001 under a 9th degree black belt and the 2nd highest ranking black belt in ITF Taekwondo. He became an assistant instructor within a few years and began assisting with the Juniors and Adults. He is currently a third degree black belt. In 2013, Manny started trained Doce Pares Eskrima under the highest ranking black belt in North America. He earned his black belt in 2016 under Supreme Grandmaster Dionisio “Diony” Canete. Manny is also a red belt in Jeet Kune Do (JKD) as well as a student in Sayoc Knife Fighting.

“The minute you stop becoming hungry for information, your education stops” Manny’s Philosophy

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your classes co-ed?

Yes, they are!

Is there a sitting area for parents/guests/spectators?

Yes, there is a lounge area with Wi-Fi!

I prefer private, 1 on 1 training. Is this something you offer?

Absolutely! Private training is available and can be arranged according to your schedule and availability. Please contact 212-505-9663 or [email protected] for package options and pricing.

I would like to try class before signing up. Can I do that?

Yes! Trial classes are available for Junior and Adult programs. Please email [email protected] or call 212-505-9663 to schedule.

I have never worked out a day in my life. Are your classes suitable for me?

Absolutely! Most of our students are beginners and we welcome them. Although we don't have a beginners class, our program is structured to accommodate all fitness levels. We look after all our newcomers and will guide you through each class and the movements.

How big is the academy?

The academy is 4000 sq. foot. We have private changing rooms, locker rooms, and state of the art equipment.

Ready for your transformation?

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